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We Have a Passion for Problem Solving

When underground utilities become a problem on your construction or engineering project site, we want to be the trusted partner you count on to provide support. Our passion for solving difficult and complex underground utility problems combined with our experience and technologies make Trinity Subsurface Engineering uniquely qualified to support you in your project.

Meet The Leadership Team That Gets It Done Right

Gregory Finkle

Greg Finkle, P.E.


Greg started Trinity Subsurface Engineering, LLC after serving 10 years in the private utility locating industry. Greg has a passion for solving complex problems for our clients.

Sean Warner, Operations Manager

Sean Warner

Operations Manager

Sean has over 7 Years of private utility locating experience on commercial and industrial sites that includes ground penetrating radar, video pipe inspection, and concrete scanning.


P.J. Cossman

Territory Manager

P.J. is the regional manager for our Northern PA regional area and has over 8 years of ground penetrating radar, concrete imaging radar, and video pipe inspection experience.


Commitment to People

Not only the dedicated and skilled workforce at Trinity, but the people we partner with. We learned a long time ago that individual projects come and go, but it’s the people behind them that make it awesome!

Quality Focus

We focus on quality over sales because we feel that a great quality service will sell itself. We put our effort into providing great service. Our formula is pretty simple. We’ll be there when we say we will and we’ll do what we say we’ll do.


We believe our integrity, quality, safety, and customer service all lend part to being truly professional. We’re not going to sugar-coat our results, and we’ll never over promise and under deliver on your project.