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Trinity Subsurface Engineering LLC has the experience and technologies required to produce quality results in a safe and timely manner. We’ll do what we say we will, when we say we’ll do it. 

Understand Whats Underneath



Detecting underground utilities requires the best equipment, which is why we use the brand new GSSI 350Mhz Hyperstacking Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment for each project we scan.

Underground Utility Locating Company
Underground Utility Locating Company

We Find Underground Utilities That Others Miss

Electromagnetic Frequency Detection

Most utility locating services are performed using electromagnetic frequency detection. An active frequency is applied to a conductor, and can be detected on the surface using a receiver unit.

The Technology To Find Underground Utilities

Aquatronics A6 Tracer

All project sites, big and small (including soil borings) are scanned with an Aquatronics A6 Split-Box Locating Device. This device emits an electromagnetic frequency that can be detected when it is transmitted through underground metallic objects such as cables, pipes, vaults / manholes, and underground storage tanks (UST).

Split-Box A6 Locator
Duct Rodder

We’ll Electronically Locate Storm And Sanitary Sewer

Duct Rodding for Sewer

Most companies will locate storm and sewer pipes by lining up manholes. At Trinity Subsurface Engineering, we understand anything is possible with underground utilities, which is why we electronically locate all storm and sanitary sewer pipes by inserting a fiberglass duct rodder that has a tracing cable embedded within the rod for quick and easy utility locating.