Concrete Scanning & Imaging

Stop Cutting Through Conduits & Reinforcement.


Trinity Subsurface Engineering uses a combination of electromagnetic and concrete imaging radar equipment to perform surface geophysical services on concrete surfaces such as:

  1. Slabs
  2. Floors
  3. Walls
  4. Columns

Our locating technology allows Trinity Subsurface, LLC field employees to analyze objects embedded within and directly below the concrete surface. 

Clients utilize our concrete scanning & imaging servcies to reduce the risk associated with core drilling and trench cutting. Trinity Subsurface will markout the inside of an existing building. To build new tie-ins, project managers will leverage our field employees to find the underground utilities, such as sanitary sewer lines.

Eliminate guesswork with technical expertise.

Find rebar and voids before coring.

Concrete imaging radar is safer and faster to perform ain comparison to service alternatives like x-ray imaging. Therefore, it’s more cost effective for the average construction or engineering project to choose Trinity Subsurface for their concrete scanning needs.

Our concrete imaging radar service is a combination of an electromagnetic and concrete penetrating radar survey. Our first step is to locate all known utilities (within and below a concrete slab/floor/column) using electromagnetic equipment.

Once the electromagnetic survey is complete, the work area is scanned using a concrete imaging radar device. Electromagnetic targets can be verified and confirmed. This allows for blueprint designers to make better building decisions and account for what’s underneath. 

Concrete imaging radar is completely safe to work around. Unlike X-Ray scanning services, radar does not emit harmful radiation. The device is FTC compliant, so it is safe to use in a variety of environments including airports, hospitals, and even NASA.

In addition to a superior utility mark-out using paint, chalk, crayon Trinity Subsurface, LLC provide a concrete scan report. This documentation can help project managers obtain the excavation permits needed to proceed construction work. This data includes:

  • Survey dates
  • Subsurface features designated
  • Equipment utilized
  • Site contacts made
  • Any limitations or unusual field conditions encountered while performing the work

We’ll also draft a field sketch depicting the embedded utilities and/or structural members we found or verified. Our field sketch will be formatted on our 11″x17″ sketch template and drawn digitally in the field by hand (not to scale). Have a construction drawing you need updated instead? We can add our field sketch to any client provided PDF document.

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