Cable Fault & Pipe Leak Locating

Pin Point Utility Defects

End the GuessWork when searching for pipe damage.


When cables break and pipes start leaking, construction and engineering companies call Trinity Subsurface, LLC to provide cable fault and pipe leak locations. 

Leaks cause damage to your site by penetrating through buildings, causing errosion, and causing major infractions to your underground infrastructure.

fast detection, precise markouts.

  1. The defective utility is located using various surface geophysical equipment such as electromagnetic utility locators and ground penetrating radar.
  2. A Trinity Subsurface field employee leverages a fault locating a-frame to pin-point faults in cables, while a super sonic acoustical device pinpoint leaky pipes. 

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With decades of experience the engineers and technicians at Trinity have the industry insight to provide quality utility locating services. We understand the needs of engineers, contractors, construction managers and owners.