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Are you experiencing blockages, clogs, or buildup in your pipes? Commercial plumbing is exposed to sewage backup and natural disasters, causing municipal health hazards. Due to heavier and more frequent usage, commercial systems will require maintenance by subsurface experts.

The right type of equipment is needed to combat:

  1. Landslides
  2. Mud flows
  3. Floods

Trinity can prevent leaks, cracks, erosion, and pipe bursts at the source with jetting, a cost-effective and trenchless pipe cleaning method. 

High velocity jetting to cleanout any buildup

The process of high velocity jetting involves the turbulent action of water pumped through a uniquely designed nozzle. At pressures up to 2,000 psi, water blasts through the pipeline rapidly.

The device is propelled down the pipe, ridding the sewer of blockages more quickly than other methods. Any material clogging the line is broken apart by the forward spray and forced through the pipe.

In addition to blockages, jetting is an effective method in breaking down invasive tree roots or collected sediment. Root intrusion is the single most destructive element in maintaining a sewer system. While jetting can eliminate clogs at the source, the process also removes long-term buildup that can restrict water flow and form the basis of future issues. 


optimize pipe flow with blockage removal

The process of jetting is executed exclusively inside the pipe without the need to dig up the pipe line. or vacuum excavation. Oftentimes, commercial plumbing lines are located beneath pavement or inside walls. Jetting reduces the costs of repairs, making it a very economical solution for clogged lines.

The approach to pipe jetting can be easily scaled to meet the needs of almost any commercial property. Trinity’s jetting equipment can remove clogs from pipes of varying widths. In addition, jetting can be applied to multiple pipe materials, including concrete, steel, cast iron, PVC, and clay. Whatever the pipe size or material, Trinity can accommodate your project site accordingly. 

Jetting recycles its water supply, reducing needless waste. This is a great option for commercial buildings that are situated near lakes, rivers, and streams.

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