we know sectional line repair

Repair sectional pipe Infractions, Cracks, Corrosion.


Sectional point line repair is a trenchless solution for damages contained to isolated intrusions, cracking or corrosion. Sewer line joint failure occurs with consistent flow and stress on the line. Optimize the performance by replacing weakest points.

Eliminate defects with technical expertise.

Cut your project timeline by days with sectional point repair. Remote excavation to replace sewage line is costly, time-consuming, and damages your work area.

With Sectional Point Line Repair minimal repair materials are necessary. Patch isolated sections to form a seal stronger than the original pipe!

Wrap Inner Tubular Lining for Inflation
Wet Out Fiberglass
Set Packer and Let Lining Cure

Target pipe sections in poor condition and reduce repair costs

The sectional point repair process:

  1. Clean out pipe: Jetting is used to deep clean clogged or slow sewage lines. A blast of water at high pressure is sent into the lines to remove blockages and build up, making it easier to adhere the repair lining.
  2. Video pipe inspection: VPI is a utility location tool and an efficient way to find leaks, cracks and corrosion. A robotic crawler traverses the cleaned sewage pipe to determine where the pipe lining will be placed.
  3. Wrap inner-tubular lining for inflation: The inner-tubular materials used include polypropylene lining, felt and fiber glass. All materials are wrapped around special equipment called the packer.
  4. Wet out fiberglass: A strong seal can be created once cured through the permaliner process (CIPP). A two-part epoxy is mixed, then a generous coat is applied. The polypropylene lining, both felt sides, and the fiberglass are wetted out respectively.
  5. Set and let cure: Once all materials are coated with expoxy, yarn is wrapped around the packer for a breakable seal until inflated. The packer is positioned. Once in the desired location, the packer is inflated and held in place for the duration of the curing process (3-4 hours). This leaves a water tight and permanent pipe repair solution.
  6. Pull out packer and inspect: The inflatable packer allows a 2 1/2 inch flow through for sewer system while the liner is inserted. This allows for the continued use of the system. Once removed the pipe is reflushed and retelevised to confirm liner effectiveness. 

Eliminate pipe damages and return pipe to its original integrity

No, sectional point repair is a trenchless solution to fixing damaged pipes. There is no digging necessary as the pipe is repaired from the inside out with a interior lining. It restores structural integrity by sealing joints, cracks, or missing pipe sections and eliminates root intrusion.

Sectional point repair is the most cost-effective solution for municipalities and commercial facilities with isolated sewer line problems. Not only does sectional point repair prevent costly and unnecessary repairs, it can be completed as quickly as one day. It is no longer necessary to reline a pipe from manhole-to-manhole in order to address one section of pipe. Now we can simply reline the area in need of repair.

The Point Repair forms a structural, permanent waster-proof repair which seals all types of pipe against infiltration and ex-filtration. The finished repair is stronger than the original pipe. This repair has a superior bond to the existing pipe equally in wet or dry conditions and because of the lining material, there is no shrinkage and therefore no space between the pipe and repair that could cause leakage. The repair system can be used equally well in warm or cold climates.

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