Your Subsurface Problem Solvers

understand what's underneath trademark trinity subsurface

Client driven, quality focused.

Your Subsurface Problem Solvers

understand what's underneath trademark trinity subsurface

Client driven, quality focused.

Your Subsurface Problem Solvers

understand what's underneath trademark trinity subsurface

Client driven, quality focused.

Your Subsurface Problem Solvers

understand what's underneath trademark trinity subsurface

Client driven, quality focused.

Your Subsurface Problem Solvers
understand what's underneath trademark trinity subsurface

Client driven, quality focused.

Your Subsurface Problem Solvers
understand what's underneath trademark trinity subsurface

Client driven, quality focused.

What's the problem?

Do you need to locate, inspect, or repair your underground infrastructure? Detect subsurface features and receive superior reporting before building.

trinity subsurface schedules work in utility locating and concrete scanning for project managers in diagram

From marking to mapping, we find what's underground. Locate utilities, voids, and anomalies with superior ground penetrating equipment. Pinpoint the exact horizontal positioning of subsurface features within:

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Soil
  • Pavement
trinity subsurface schedules work for video pipe inspection for contractors in diagram

Confirm and target problems through video pipe inspection. Receive condition reports of your sewer and sanitary system with utility visuals. Maintain detailed maps to streamline your facility's building timeline.

  • Inspect cross bores with lateral launch
  • Detect inflow and infiltration
  • Conduct 360 degree manhole imaging
  • Navigate <6" pipes with push camera
trinity subsurface schedules work in vacuum excavation for engineers in diagram

Vacuum excavation is the only approved method to exposure buried utilities. Vac work is superior to heavy machinery digging as it avoids accidental utility strikes. Vacuum excavation utilizes either air or water pressure to break up the soil. The vacuum device collects the spoils to accomplish:

  • Trenching
  • Test holing
  • Remote digging
  • Line boring
trinity subsurface schedules project in hydro jetting and pipe repair in diagram

Optimize drain line flow and complete isolated repairs on damaged sections. Maintain sewage lines for maximum capacity and eliminate buildup. Revitalize storm and sanitary pipe by restoring line integrity. Perform repairs on:

  • Cracks
  • Infiltration
  • Corrosion
  • Root Intrusion

The full service experience

Diversity of industry experience

At Trinity Subsurface receive underground expertise no matter your industry background or worksite environment.

healthcare industry experienceeducation industry experiencegovernment industry experiencetransportation industry experiencetelecom industry experienceindustrial industry experienceenvironmental industry experienceoil and gas industry experiencepharmacertical industry experiencerenewables industry experiencecommercial industry experienceenergy industry experience

quality service, paired with fast deliverable return.

Adapting our business, our services, and our worksite strategy to your needs.
24 hour deliverable field sketch turn a round
99% customer satisfaction high satisfaction good reviews
save money cost effective underground locating services save $462 in SUE

“I have used Trinity Subsurface numerous times for GPR, underground utility location services. Most recently I had them jet & televise a sanitary sewer system. They are always punctual, professional, and very knowledgeable. They are also price competitive. I would definitely use them again.”

Todd B | Project Manager
J.G. Contractors, Inc.

The gentlemen from Trinity Subsurface were helpful and professional. we were glad to host them. many thanks for the pictures and field sketches which are very helpful.

Sam Cannan | Chairman
The Veteran Watchmaker Initiative

I would highly recommend working with this company. Very professional and responsive."

Dan Peralta | Project Manager
Nickel Electrical Company

Some of OUr Clients:

We prioritize long-lasting relationships.

When unforeseen problems occur and the project scope expands, our team of field employees is well prepared. Request technicians for the same site to alleviate constant subcontractor onboarding.

our clients whiting and turner
our clients university of delaware
our clients aecom
our clients genesis
our client pennoni
our clients arcadis
our client hsc builders & construction managers
our clients merck
our client ips

OUr service region

Solving your subsurface problems in the Northeastern, Southeastern, and South Central regions. We also accommodate a national scope for long-term projects.

THE CORE VALUES THAT drive our team.


A dependable team member is trustworthy and reliable. They do what they say, and say what they do.

Humbly Confident

Being humbly confident is the ability to recognize your strengths and weaknesses while simultaneously using your knowledge to elevate your peers, but without arrogance. 

Problem Solver

A problem solver uses a helpful attitude, effective listening, critical thinking, and team work to assist clients and team members solve their problems.


Hungry team members don't have to be pushed to perform, they are constantly looking for more responsibility, and thinking about the next step or opportunity for the team.

Client Focused

Being client focused is the ability to exceed expectation and deliver outstanding service by establishing and developing lasting relationships with clients. 

Team Culture

Displaying team culture means prioritizing the values your team supports in everyday interactions with  other team members and clients. 

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What is the training process for field employees?

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All technicians receive OSHA 10 and lead technicians complete the OSHA 30 certification. Many of our technicians have years of experience in the subsurface solutions industry, ranging from utility location to pipe repair.

All new employees complete an in-house training program in addition to field experience with a veteran technician. Before operating any equipment, techs must be tested for clearance.

What should I do if I have a subsurface emergency and need help right away?

FAQs anout subsurface features for project managers

Trinity Subsurface, LLC is dedicated to quick response times in emergency situations. For immediate scheduling, our staff is on-call to get to your project site as quickly as you need. If nighttime or weekend shifts are critical, do not hesitate to reach out.

What is the pricing for your services?

utility locating questions for project managers to learn about our pipe services

Pricing is dependent on the service and extent of the project scope. Trinity Subsurface, LLC uses standard half-day and daily rates to estimate project fees. Submit a proposal with as much information as possible so that Client Services may accurately quote your project.

What's the difference between Trinity Subsurface and One Call, 811, or Miss Utility?

schedule work with private utility locating company

One Call is a great option if your project site only needs public utilities marked. However, if your maps show secondary utilities or private lines, Trinity Subsurface is the company to call! We mark all utilities, public and private with precision. In addition, we require multiple locate methods to complete a thorough mark out.