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Trinity Subsurface, LLC is a company that solves complex problems our clients encounter with underground utility systems. This includes geophysical, excavation, and pipe repair services.

Much like the state-run Call 811 programs, we locate underground utilities with a variety of surface geophysical equipment including electromagnetics, ground penetrating radar, and acoustics.

Our clients rely on Trinity Subsurface, LLC to deliver accurate, timely, and quality utility data in the form of field markings, utility maps, and utility data collection.

Our story: Mark out to Mapping.

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kevin crossley trinity subsurface
Kevin Crossley
Excavation Client Services
lou anzalone trinity subsurface
Lou Anzalone
Pipe Repair Services
joe geraghty trinity subsurface
Joseph Geraghty
Technical Client Services
sean harris clark trinity subsurface
Sean Harris Clark
Technical Client Services
tracey shoemaker trinity subsurface
Tracey Shoemaker
Business Development
mark yukovich trinity subsurface
Mark Yukovich
Systems Development
matt ammerman trinity subsurface
Matt Ammerman
Services and Team Dispatch
julie dault trinity subsurface
Julie Dault
Accounts Payable
beth wasek trinity subsurface
Beth Wasek
Accounts Receivable
THE CORE VALUES THAT drive our team.
commitment to people underground utility locating services

Commitment to People

Not only the dedicated and skilled workforce at Trinity Subsurface but the people we partner with. We learned a long time ago that individual projects come and go, but it’s the people behind them that make it awesome!

Quality focus underground utility locating services


We focus on quality over sales because we feel that great quality service will sell itself. We put our effort into providing great service. Our formula is pretty simple. We’ll be there when we say we will and we’ll do what we say we’ll do.

professionalism underground utility locating services


We believe our integrity, quality, safety, and customer service all lend part to being truly professional. We’re not going to sugar-coat our results, and we’ll never over promise and under deliver on your project.

OUr service region

Solving your subsurface problems in the Northeastern, Southeastern, and South Central regions. We also accommodate a national scope for long-term projects.

Appreciation | Motivation | Solutions 

"Create, develop, and implement inspiration in order to obtain a higher standard for our commitment to people."

The axis group was founded to help foster community among Trinity Subsurface team members. The group allows for open communication among departments and builds comradery with fun after-work events like Top Golf, Phillies games, BBQs, and more!

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