Hydro Jetting

Flush out sewer blockages and buildup.

What's the problem?

Experiencing sewer and storm line backups? Clean out and optimize the flow of your underground systems.

hydro jetting diagram stage video pipe inspection

Trinity Subsurface, LLC utilizes video pipe inspection methods like the robotic crawler to investigate the current condition of sanitary or storm lines.

Visuals of blockages cannot be detected if a camera crawler is unable to enter. Clear out robotic crawler obstacles for an interior view with hydro jetting.

Hydro jetting diagram stage jet truck

A hydro jetting truck is a specialized sewer cleaning machine. The process of high velocity jetting involves the turbulent action of water pumped through a uniquely designed nozzle. At pressures up to 2,000 psi, water blasts through the pipeline rapidly.

The pressurized water flushes out debris lodged in the pipe. Everything from dirt to grease gets washed away. As the foreign materials are removed, the nozzle continues to traverse further down the storm/sanitary line.

hydro jetting diagram stage cleanout

The jetting nozzle is propelled down the pipe, ridding the sewer of blockages more quickly than other methods. Any material clogging the line is broken apart by the forward spray and forced through the pipe.

It is a cost-effective and trenchless pipe cleaning method to restore pipes to its original flow capacity.

hydro jetting diagram stage video pipe inspection

A robotic crawler is sent down the manhole to record the sewer or sanitary line condition. Many factors can cause deterioration in line condition such as:

  • Over usage
  • Product life of pipe materials
  • Root intrusion
  • Inflow and infiltration
  • Inflow and infiltration

While jetting can eliminate clogs at the source, the process also removes long-term buildup that can restrict water flow and form the basis of future issues. The difference in pipe flow after hydro jetting is documented in the VPI report.

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OPtimize flow of sewage lines by restoring pipe interior with a deep cleanout.

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committed to road safety.

Trinity Subsurface will protect your work zone with temporary traffic control while conducting jetting services for commercial sites, municipalities, residential areas.

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Next step: confirm complete cleanout and assess condition.

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Video pipe inspection

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Next step: fix pipe segments in poor condition.

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sectional point repair

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Get your questions answered


What materials can the process of jetting clear out?

Hydro jetting utilizes highly pressurized water to scour pipes clean of:

- Grease
- Debris
- Roots
- Sand
- Dirt
- Water
- Any foreign materials blocking flow

Can hydro jetting damage pipes?

Although the hydro jetter is extremely powerful, the integrity of sewer and storm lines will be maintained. In fact, the process of hydro jetting increases the lifespan of pipes by clearing out substances that cause corrosion.

However, if the pipes are in poor condition with severe deterioration, jetting can cause further damage. Trinity Subsurface, LLC offers sectional point repair to replace weakened pipe segments. Clean out your line and optimize pipe flow.

What pipe types can jetting be used on?

Trinity Subsurface's jetting equipment can remove clogs from pipes of varying widths. In addition, jetting can be applied to multiple pipe materials including:

- Concrete
- Steel
-Cast iron
- Clay

Whatever the pipe size or material, we can accommodate your project site accordingly.

Why is jetting a cost-saving choice for pipe cleaning?

The process of jetting is executed exclusively inside the pipe without the need to dig up the pipeline or vacuum excavation. Oftentimes, commercial plumbing lines are located beneath the pavement or inside walls. Jetting reduces the costs of repairs, making it a very economical solution for clogged lines.

The approach to pipe jetting can be easily scaled to meet the needs of almost any commercial property. Trinity’s jetting equipment can remove clogs from pipes of varying widths.

Jetting recycles its water supply, reducing needless waste. This is a great option for commercial buildings that are situated near lakes, rivers, and streams.