Core drilling

Use core drilling to identify strength, durability, and overall quality!

What's the problem?

Do you need an a core sample of your concrete? Use core drilling to obtain core samples or clear holes for utilities.

concrete scanning diagram step electromagnetic locator

Determine and map the presence of embedded utilities. Electromagnetic sweeps and concrete scans are conducted to detect live lines. Conduits must be marked to prevent any outages, injuries, and costly damages.

Using multiple tools and techniques ensures the area has been scanned as thoroughly as possible.

Core drilling is important for structural analysis and the evaluation of existing buildings for strength and integrity. Our team can core drill holes as small as 1.5" and as large as 18" in both floors and walls, leaving you with a core for further lab investigations and holes for installations.

prevent loss of structural integrity with precise core Drilling.

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Concrete Scanning & Mapping

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RElated services

Next step: build a detailed AutoCAD from concrete insights.

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CAD and utility mapping

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