When Concrete Scanning Turns to VPI

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A building renovation is a common scenario in which the service, concrete scanning, is utilized. Before any saw cutting or core drilling should take place, concrete scanning and imaging is recommended.

Recently, Trinity Subsurface was tasked with mapping electrical conduits, rebar, post-tension cables and voids for a client’s renovation site. This project required field employees to scan several locations in the building. The client wanted to conclude if those spaces were safe to core drill. After inspecting drawings and speaking to the site contact, Trinity field employees completed a site walk-through to check for any possible dangers on the job site.

The field employees leveraged ground penetrating radar (GPR) for each scan. On one scan, a drain line was observed. This drain line was not documented on the original map. Trinity Subsurface suggested to the client to take advantage of an additional service offering, video pipe inspection (VPI), for a comprehensive mark out.

comprehesive mark out with concrete scan and imaging

VPI is a great tool in determining the exact location of utility lines. For this renovation site, Trinity Subsurface leveraged a push camera, inspecting the drain line for 100 ft. Two field employees worked in tandem; one maneuvered the push camera through the drain line, while the other used electromagnetic detection to trace to mark out the line aboveground. VPI is required to map out utilities that cannot be traced with concrete scanning alone.

Once Trinity Subsurface completed the job, a VPI and concrete scan deliverable was presented to the client. The concrete scan deliverable includes maps of all areas observed and the materials found within the concrete including:

  • Rebar or other reinforcing steel members
  • Electrical conduits
  • Gas pipes
  • Water lines
  • PVC conduits
  • Post-tension cables

The field employees use many types of equipment to complete concrete scans; however, the data collected from Proceq equipment can be reported and shared from any location in 3D and augmented reality.

proseq concrete scanner with trinity subsurface concrete scanning services

In addition to the reports, all scanned areas are mapped with chalk, paint, and markers to illustrate all embedded objects found.

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