Core Values: Customer Focused

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Bob Froelich, Yoli Nodarse

What does being customer focused mean?  Always putting our customerfirst.  

On a day-to-day basis we strive to ensure the satisfaction of Trinity's Customers at the top of our priority list.  Primary ways of being Customer Focused are by providing Professional Services, Supplying Deliverables that empower customers with invaluable information, and most importantly, building relationships and trust with our customers.

We provide a wide range of services to be able to accommodate any need a customer may have. We are truly a one stop shop for all geotechnical, pipe, and excavation needs. After our services are completed, wesupply deliverables to the customer. The deliverable provided varies depending on the service performed. This is to make sure the customer receives the most accurate and tailored information. Customer focused people also place an importance on forming and continuing relationships with their customers. We make sure to check in with our customers via phone or email to ensure they receive help when they need it and to just show them that we are here to support them in their subsurface needs. Intangibles that are often not mentioned, butare key to being Customer Focused, are topics such as returning a customer's call, text, or email in a timely manner, notifying customers of a potential issue or challenge, and keeping the customer up to speed with the status of a job.  

From the moment a customer dials the Trinity number, they are taken care of with our time and attention. On the rare chance someone isn’t there to pick up a customer’s call on the first ring, someone is there to return the call as quickly as possible no matter what day or time it is. We then follow up these initial calls with an email. During a job we scheduled with the client, weare adamant on returning any questions via email, phone, or text that they may have, and any issues or challenges that we have should there be any. We also keep the client updated on every step of the process we are on. Overall,communication is the most important aspect to us when it comes to our clients.

Lastly, "Customer Focus" can be applied to our colleagues as well.  Treating our coworkers with respect,supplying them with required timely information, and making an effort to communicate any potential issues are all ways that, in the end, will help us deliver Customer Focus to all the folks we encounter on a daily basis. Give us a call and get to know just how customer focused we really are!  

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