Core Values: Dependable

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Yoli Nodarse

What does being dependable mean? Dependability can show in various different ways, but down to its core, it is the quality of being trustworthy and reliable. A dependable person does what they do and says what they do. On a deeper level, dependability can show as punctuality, communication, meeting deadlines, taking initiative, being detail-oriented, following company policies, and teamwork.

Punctuality is common courtesy and is one of the easiest ways to measure one’s dependability. It shows that one respects not only their own time, but the time of everyone at the company. Arriving at work on time isn’t enough to prove punctuality, however. One must be able to arrive on time and be ready to work immediately, not ‘dilly-dally’.

Communication can be both verbal and written. Both are essential to being dependable. One must be able to delegate tasks, voice concerns, help train a coworker, relay information, provide resolutions, etc, and the only way to achieve all these things is to have clear communication.

Meeting deadlines is essential to displaying a balance of time management, planning, commitment, and focus. Time-sensitive tasks can only be accomplished by a dependable person able to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Taking initiative involves formulating plans, managing oneself, recognizing inefficient practices, and delegating tasks. Being able to take initiative is essential to being dependable because it shows one cares about the well being of the company, and doesn’t need to be micromanaged.

Being detail-oriented is essential for getting the job done. Efficiency can only go so far when there is no accuracy. It is the ability to quickly recognize errors, regardless of size, that shows someone is dependable. Finishing work that is consistently incorrect, can show that one doesn’t care about the quality of the job.

Following company policies is a display of respect. Showing that one cares to follow company policies that someone’s time and planning went into, can show dependability. If one thinks a policy can be improved, continuing to follow and respect, and using communication to discuss a way to improve them is another way one can show they care about the company’s well-being.

Teamwork is an essential part of the workplace. This is why teamwork is another one of Trinity’s core values. Because they go hand in hand, employers count on employees to not only help customers with their issues, but also help each other.  This can be displayed through helping train a new coworker, but also helping old coworkers. Everyone needs help from time to time, and efficiency can be maximized when multiple minds work on a difficult problem. When someone succeeds, the company succeeds, which in turn causes every employee to succeed.

All of these sub qualities combine to create a dependable person. We only have dependable people that work here at Trinity Subsurface. We believe this is one of six essential qualities that make up a great employee that fits into our company culture and goals. Give us a call and get to know just how dependable we are!

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