Core Values: Team Culture

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Julie Dault

Here, at Trinity Subsurface, we value team culture among our six core values. Team Culture means to Trinity, that we prioritize the valuesour team supports in everyday interactions with team members and clients. Westrive as a team to provide each other with an atmosphere that is inclusive,interactive, and supportive. The Trinity Team shows their team culture by taking pride in their day-to-day work, from our field operations to our internal office operations, it is clear the team is happy to wear and show off their Trinity green. We often see team members recommending their friends and family come to work at Trinity, as we are one big team.

Throughout the years our team members have made connections and friendships with their fellow coworkers, it is very common for our team members to work together all week, then get together on the weekends. This also pertains to our company outings, from bowling to axe throwing, the Trinity Team gets competitive! We love to see our entire company spend time together getting to know each other more while having a great time in a low-key atmosphere.

The Trinity Team has a clearly defined purpose and goal, to work to the best of our individual abilities, and to have fun while doing it.As a team we are client focused and team oriented, this means that we focus on our client’s needs and wants, but we ensure our team members enjoy their work while they do it. Our team provides for each other a space for personal and professional growth, we support each other’s hobbies and interests, while encouraging professional growth in our day-to-day operations.

Trinity strives to build leaders that have a ‘let’s do it together’ attitude. This produces an environment that provides mentors, not managers. Our team strives to help each other succeed because it truly does take a village. These leaders remind our team that we all have a ‘can do’ attitude,because together as a team, we can do anything. We are often faced with clients that have ‘unsolvable’ problems, or so they say, but with Trinity’s fearless leaders and team, we often prove that the only thing these ‘unsolvable’ problems need, are a team that is ready to tackle it together.

We often provide our team with the ability to provide their feedback and have active collaboration as an entire team. It is necessary that team members understand that they each have an individual impact on the company and their feedback does not go unnoticed. Feedback requires a two-way channel that emphasizes that both sides listen for understanding and provide a solution or answer in their response. We value our team member’s input and often implement their ideas and solutions into our team.

At the center of each great team is team members that strive to provide an environment that values their team and supports their team’s values in everyday interactions with fellow team members and clients. Here, atTrinity Subsurface, our team culture continues to prove that our Green Team, is the best team.

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