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Mark Yurkovich, Randy Clinton, Yoli Nodarse

Trinity provides deliverables for all its offered services and each deliverable varies slightly with the service performed.  Deliverables are an integral part of projects at Trinity because they provide visual representations of Trinity’s field data collection.The base of all deliverables, provided at Trinity, is an advanced top view sketch of the entire area; all utilities within the scope of work are documented along with general notes and recommendations. Trinity’s deliverables are a snapshot into the awesome work provided by each and every one of our well-trained specialists!

The Pipe Services Division, at Trinity, utilizes CCTV to perform a pipe inspection for its field data collection; this type of inspection offers both an advanced sketch and an inspection report per pipe inspected. The pipe report allows our customers to see each pipe in greater detail; it offers a segment reference, displaying each observation from access point to access point, and it offers a list of every construction feature, maintenance defect, and structural defect with actual images from the data collection. Each pipe specialist, at Trinity, deploys NASSCo PACP, MACP, and LACP for its sewer system inspections; this supplies a national standard for all pipe inspections across the nation. Another piece of data that can be offered in our pipe report is an inclination measurement graph; this graph plots the pipe’s inclination across its entire length. An inclination measurement graph is helpful for analyzing the pipe’s pitch from access point to access point. The advanced sketch provides a top view representation of the pipe system within the scope of work. The Pipe Services Division makes understanding what’s underneath matter by combining Trinity’s field data collection methodologies with a comprehensive and easy to follow video pipe inspection deliverable.

The Geotechnical Division provides a NOT TO SCALE aerial view of the area, or areas, of interest with lines drawn in representing how known and unknown utilities are run within the area. Notes are also included stating limitations during the scan process along with any additional information about a certain utility. If you needed the same type of deliverable with a more accurate representation of utility layout or a CAD file for utility records, we also offer SUE surveying services which is a more precise version of locating. For the Concrete Imagining deliverable, we also give you a picture of the area of interest, with lines drawn in signifying utility type. Notes are included stating limitations during the investigation, along with notations stating approximate depths, etc. Enhanced deliverables and formal reports are also available providing scan data, Virtual Walkthroughs with Matterport, and more in-depth information on reinforcement, voids, utility placement, etc.

The Excavation Division provides a sketch like all other divisions,with a test hole report for each hole dug. We include measurements, what was found, and a not to scale representation of the hole. We strive to provide high quality services and deliverables all while keeping the project on time and onbudget.

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