Heavy Pipe Cleaning: A Debris Filled Challenge

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Evan Mowbray

Heavy Pipe Cleaning: A Debris Filled Challenge

Our team at Trinity Subsurface received an urgent call to take on a challenging task: the clearance of two massive, 150 linear feet, 36 inch pipes. We deal with a number of different blockages on various sizes of pipes, some minor and some major, but it’s a rare opportunity to deal with pipes like this. These massive pipes were completely impassable due to a mixture of mud, rocks, and runoff from a nearby concrete plant blocking off any potential flow through the pipe system. We were called out to clear these two large pipes of all of the debris obstructing proper pipe operations. Having expertise in cleaning pipes for several projects, a team of Trinity technicians was put together to take on this challenge. We established the scope of the overall project, safety standards to ensure protections for both our technicians and the environment, and planned out the time to perform the work within the client’s schedule.

An image of two clogged sewer pipes full of cement mix from a nearby concrete plant.

Utilizing a powerful Vactor 2100 combo truck, we were equipped with multiple heavy cleaning nozzles capable of clearing blockages. Hydro jetting is the use of water to clear out pipes of any blockages without damaging other subsurface utility features that may be present. This combo truck has the ability to dislodge debris with a blast of highly-pressurized water at 80 gallons per minute, proving to be a useful tool to handle these two blocked pipes. When it comes to cleaning out pipes, this power combined with our knowledge of pipe cleaning is a perfect fit.

We combed through every inch of the 150 linear feet pipes with the jetting tools to remove the debris, using a specialized nozzle to clean all angles of the pipe and push through the concrete and runoff mixture. Our years of experience with pipe cleaning and inspections helped deal with the challenge. After dealing with the concrete plant runoff, we inspected the pipes to ensure they would properly function in the future. Trinity utilizes a pipe inspection crawler to record the entirety of pipes after performing the cleaning work, allowing us to view the inside of a pipe with a rotating camera head. This gives clients a sense of the internal structures of their pipes both before and after a hydro jetting or pipe repair job is completed, and we offer suggestions on how to fix any issues that are revealed through inspections. Our team worked together to make sure that this once clogged sewer system was clear of the blockages and would continue to flow properly in the future, standing as a testament to our pipe clearing capabilities.

An image of a recently cleaned pipe after hydro jetting.

When it comes to cleaning pipe systems, our technicians at Trinity Subsurface are the ones to rely on to leave a lasting impact with hydro jetting. Our use of cutting edge technology combined with the specialized training and knowledge of our technicians can help you deal with pipe blockages. Give us a call to schedule us for your next project and visit our website to find out more about our locating, excavation and pipe services.

An image of two sewer pipes cleaned with a hydro jetting tool.

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