How Tough Is Our Jetter?

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Jeff Finkle

A properly running storm and sewer system is crucial for our everyday needs. A lot of times when we think there is a structural issue with either system, it is generally due to debris build up. Whether it is paper towels and feminine products clogging a sewer system or a creek that is washed through a culvert, Trinity Subsurface has the equipment and expertise to efficiently handle any situation!

Generally sewer systems have a lot of items that go through them that should not be flushed down the toilet. Paper Towels, feminine products, baby wipes and even toys! These foreign objects can easily back up a system. Laterals and main line sewers can also be impacted by root intrusion. Over time roots make their way through the joints and cracks to get to that delicious water source!  Trinity is equipped with Jetting trailers that specialize for pipes 4”-10” and 60,000 lbs Jetter trucks that handle any size sewer pipes or culverts! Depending on the access point and type of blockage, we utilize over 50 different types of jetting nozzles that each serve their own purpose. My favorite is the warthog root cutter. This baby shoots out up to 80 gallons per minute at anywhere from 1,200 - 5,000 psi, destroying any roots in the way!

Does your client experience flooding or sink holes when it rains? This could be attributed to a storm system that has not been properly maintained. Generally storm debris consists of dirt, sand, rocks, leaves, sticks, etc. If the storm system is half of debris, well you pretty much have a system that is 50% too small. Typically when removing storm debris, it involves pipe cleaning and debris removal. Trinity jets the pipe from downstream to upstream and brings the debris to the catch basin. Even though some of our heads shoot out 80 gallons per minute, our truck is able to store 1,200 gallons at a time!  As we pull back the debris, we utilize our 8” vacuum hose with a debris storage tank of 9 tons! We are able to clean storms as little as rain drains and as big as a 10’ x 20’ culvert. Recently we had a project that involved a 36” storm system that was located in the backyards of residents. The storm system was 50% filled with fill stone. We were not able to drive the trucks behind the homes due to access and slope. However, we were able to utilize a jetting easement machine. Think of it as a 600’ hose reel on a skid. We were able to place this at the catch basins while connecting it to our hose on the truck parked on the street. We then ran over 150’ of 8'' vacuum hose to remove the rocks we jetted to the catch basins. Our client was not sure if there was a way to remove the debris, when really they just needed Trinity Subsurface to show up with their experience and specialized equipment!

There are very few situations where Trinity can not help with your pipe cleaning needs. When you think it is not possible, we will be happy to come out and learn more about your issues. The three unique values that we bring our clients are relationships, technology and a one stop shop!

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