Common Anomalies Found Underground

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Private Utility Locating is a service provided by Trinity Subsurface, LLC to detect underground utilities, foreign objects, and anomalies. Subsurface features are mapped by field employees to ensure your underground infrastructure will not be damaged. Leveraging ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic equipment, Trinity Subsurface can locate a wide range of objects that should be avoided during construction. Subsurface investigation is a key preventative measure before designing blueprints. Listed below are the common anomalies your company may have to accommodate when designing.

  • Underground Storage Tanks: Common buried tanks that are found on commercial or residential property are composed of steel or aluminum.
  • Septic Systems: The underground chamber can be made of concrete, fiberglass, or plastic for the basic treatment of wastewater.
  • Secondary Lines: These lower voltage power lines deliver a severe electric shock if contacted.
  • Burial Sites: Composed of non-metallic material, gravesites are marked to prevent damage of heavy machinery while digging.

All these underground anomalies can be investigated during the designing process, avoiding costly rerouting and construction delays. Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is a non-invasive, high-resolution geophysical locating method. An electromagnetic pulse is steadily radiated into the ground. If the radar signal encounters a change in permittivity, the electromagnetic energy is reflected back to the surface. This indicates the likely presence of a buried anomaly.

ground pentrating radar is non-invasive mapping

The precise detection of underground infrastructure and buried anomalies continues to be a common issue for design / construction projects. If you believe one of the anomalies listed above could be on your site, contact Trinity Subsurface for next steps. Outdated or incomplete mapping can be of financial consequence as well as a danger to your crew. Save your next design project thousands through damage prevention. Locate common and unique anomalies alike with the field employees at Trinity Subsurface, LLC.

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