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Tyler Smith

A job experience, out of the many I have had here at Trinity Subsurface, that sticks out to me would be one with Septa Transportation. I along with Marty, Justin, and Jeff, were outworking together as a team for this one. An old pipe had a hole in the side of it that we were called in to repair. The said pipe ran under a set of train tracks on the site, so it could not be dug up for us to repair it. After we walked the site with the client and learned what they were looking for, the team was ready to get to work. First, we had to clean the line to ensure the pipe was fully clear. We did this with a high-pressure hydro jetter, however,this was no regular hydro jetter. We used a new system called the Pacoat system.This new system is used for smaller pipe lining and has many different features, including cleaning, sanding, distributing foam to fill in cracks and holes, and coating with epoxy. We had to troubleshoot a couple of times and try different techniques to find what worked best, but here at Trinity Subsurface,we are problem solvers, and we never give up on getting the job done. The job took a full four days to complete, and even though it had its challenges at certain times, we pushed through, and the client was happy with our work.

An image of a screen, showcasing the inside of a pipe from a video pipe inspection.

These types of jobs are great for many reasons. They help us create relationships with new clients and grow relationships with repeat clients. Jobs like this one also gives our technicians the opportunity to learn, work through problems and come up with solutions that can transfer the way they do things in the future, regardless of whether they are alone or with a team. When our technicians are on site, you can rest easy knowing that they have the best training and equipment for your pipe repair project. Maintaining the safety of your people and the subcontractors working on your project is the number one priority of Trinity Subsurface.

An image of the inside of the inside of a pipe. The pipe has spray sealant around the edges.n
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