The Natural World Takes Root!

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Jeff Finkle

Pipe Maintenance is essential for a healthy operating sewer or storm system. This can include video inspections, hydro jetting to clean, or pipe repairs.

There are many different ways pipes can become filled with debris. The natural world can take root and your pipes can be filled with vegetation. When there is even the smallest crack in a pipe, roots from trees and other plants will find its way into the system. Plants are attracted to water, nutrients, and oxygen; everything a piping system has to offer. Once in the pipe, the roots will continue to grow and fill the pipes. Other man-made debris that will clog up pipes include but is not limited to sludge, dirt, paper towels, wipes, feminine hygiene products, and even toys.

Newly installed storm systems can suffer from debris build up just as bad as older systems. Generally they will be affected by mud, stone and even concrete from construction. In order for the pipe inspection to pass, the pipes have to be cleaned.

With older storm systems, over time there is build up with mud, stone, leaves and trash. Rain will wash this debris into the storm system. This build up will restrict the flow of water which can cause back-ups, flooding and even damage.

With storm systems, if there is a backup, generally, the water will flow to the next catch basin, unfortunately this is not the case with sanitary sewer systems. It is very important to make sure the sewer does not get to a point of being completely clogged. There are many factors that can contribute to this. Roots and debris build up are the most common. Roots make their way in from cracks and joints and will flourish off of the waste in the system.

Trinity’s pipe maintenance team is not only able to clean the lines but also able to remove the debris out of the access points. We utilize special jetting nozzles that are specifically designed for each type of debris removal.

For roots, calcium and grease build up, we count on our Warthog Nozzle. This nozzle utilizes controlled rotation technology and a balanced jetting configuration to deliver superior results in nearly all applications.

Much like a rocket, this nozzle has serious power behind it! The tight spray angle combined with the one piece-ceramic inserts and 3D fluid mechanics produce incredible results. Constructed from hardened stainless steel, the powerful jet pattern created by the Rocket nozzle 3D can flush dirt/mud, rocks, and any other large heavy material you may find in sewer or storm pipes.

Overall, pipes can get clogged up. While these clogs may or may not affect the performance of the system, it will affect any inspections that are done. Not being able to fully inspect a system will lead to a failure of an inspection. To prevent this Trinity Subsurface is here to clear out your pipes. Whether it is a storm or sanitary system that is blocked by man made debris or natural vegetation, we can clear them out and get everything moving. Keeping up with the maintenance will not only reduce flooding and damage, but will keep cleaning costs low as the lines will only need light cleaning compared to heavy cleaning.

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