Weirdest Things Flushed Out Of Pipe

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Mark Yurkovich

Trinity Subsurface, LLC performs an inspection in order to help our clients get a better understanding of the structural conditions, operational conditions, maintenance conditions, and the construction features within a sewer system. We deploy NASSCo certified pipe inspection specialists to perform all our inspections; NASSCo pipe inspections, at Trinity Subsurface, LLC, offer a comprehensive understanding of how sewer systems are performing. NASSCo pipe inspections provide general conditions for each pipe, this includes footage of pipe conditions, pipe diameters, material, water levels, and joint spacing.  This type of inspection also monitors for structural data such as cross bores, joint separation cracks, fractures, breaks, holes, collapses, and much more. Another detail this inspection provides is the maintenance data, this can include inflow and infiltration, root build up, grease attachment, surface conditions, odors, and any vermin in each pipe. NASSCo pipe inspections are a great way to identify the conditions of a single pipe or of an entire sewer system of pipes. Safety is of the main priority with all of our inspections and services; Trinity Subsurface, LLC uses several extra safety mechanisms in order to provide a safe working environment, which includes air monitoring, spotters, flow control, respirators, infall and outfall identification, and much more.

Pipe inspections serve a vital role in a sewer system’s lifespan. At Trinity Subsurface, LLC, we have inspected over 1 million linear feet of pipe; with that kind of mileage comes the good, the bad, and the ugly. Trinity Subsurface, LLC has seen it all from squeaky clean newly installed pipes to large grease blockages and collapsed pipes. Some of the wildest observations captured by our NASSCo certified specialists include guard rails through storm, completely corroded away pipe, and circular pipes that looked like a crushed soda can; other observations discovered were gas lines, sanitary sewer lines, and electric lines cross bored through existing storm lines. We have also seen various vermin wondering about the pipes, including snakes, cockroaches, raccoons, and even cats!

One of the most interesting discoveries while performing an inspection was identifying that an entirely brand new system was assembled in reverse order. The system’s larger diameter pipes were placed upstream to its smaller diameter pipes. The pipes were visibly in reverse order, but Trinity Subsurface, LLC went the extra mile to confirm the correct direction of flow; indeed, the direction of flow went from larger to smaller. The flow was tested using several methods in several locations within the system. This system defect could have resulted in costly economic damages, environmental damages, and social damages to the surrounding community of the system.

Trinity Subsurface, LLC strives for excellence in all its services, whether the system is squeaky clean or scary to inspect. All of our pipe inspections are paired with a field sketch and a NASSCo certified report; every video is placed into a digital photo album, where our customers are free to download any and all pipe videos. Trinity Subsurface, LLC looks forward to working with you to solve your pipe service and underground utility needs!

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