Why Trenchless Pipe Repair?

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Jami Roblejo

Trenchless repairs save time, money, and the headaches of tearing up your floors and streets. It is also environmentally friendly, preserves landscaping, and functions better. The liners can increase flow capacity. Pipe sizes and issues can vary, which means different repair types must be readily available. Here at Trinity Subsurface, we provide three major types of trenchless repairs that span across 90% of the possible pipe scenarios.  With our different options and industry leading technology we are able to offer trenchless repair solutions for all of your sewer and storm issues. 

Drain and sewer pipes can become deteriorated or damaged over the years. The piconte brush epoxy coating system can renovate and repair drains and sewers from 2” to 8” in diameter. This repair provides a damp proof, corrosion resistant, wear resistant, and non corrosive lining. Coating is great for retail stores, properties, apartment complexes, and industrial applications with minimal disruption, avoiding costly excavation.

Sectional point repair focuses on sections of the pipe. This makes it very cost effective when looking to repair a couple of sections compared to the entire run. Point repairs are very common in systems affected by cracks or infiltration, separated joints, or root intrusion. Our repairs can be utilized in 3” to 30” pipes ranging 6” to 5’ in length.

Our industry leading technology works as well as it looks. In some cases the entire pipe run has to be repaired. If so, our bluelight UV lining system is the tool for the job. UV lining is up to five times faster, and does not emit dangerous chemicals into the air affecting the residents in the area, compared to lining methods.

Are there any cons to a trenchless pipe repair?  The only drawback to a trenchless sewer repair is that it is not always possible.  If the pipe has too much corrosion or old age that can cause the pipe to be unsalvageable. 

Keep in mind that anytime a trenchless pipe repair is needed, we will most likely need to clean and inspect the pipes. Whether pipes were just installed or underground for fifty years, they all could use a good cleaning. Precleaning is an important part to maintaining pipes, but also an important step to repairing. Cleaning can consist of the hydrojet, the root cutter, descaling agents, and more. We also perform video pipe inspection before and after a project. We utilize different types of robotic cameras to properly inspect lines from 2” to 10’. Using our inspection software, we are able to see and call out any issue within the pipe, accurate to within one inch. This allows us to make suggestions, for repairs, only where you need them, saving time and money.

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