Meet our Leadership Team

Meet The Leadership Team That Gets It Done Right


Greg Finkle, P.E.


Greg started Trinity Subsurface Engineering, LLC after serving 10 years in the private utility locating industry. Greg has a passion for solving complex problems for our clients.


Corrine Yeager

Director of Business Operations

Corrine has been in the Utility Locating industry for 5 years. She leads our Accounting and Internal Operations departments. She also is a proud mother of Valencia, Trinity's very own support doggo.


Sean Warner

Director of Field Operations

Sean has over a decade of private utility locating experience on commercial and industrial sites that includes ground penetrating radar, video pipe inspection, and concrete scanning.


Steve Rickel

Chief Financial Officer

In addition to his role at Trinity, Steve is Chief Executive Officer at MyOfficeOps, a back-end operations company, specializing in Accounting, Information Technology, Human Resources, and Payroll.


P.J. Cossman

Director of Client Services

P.J. is the customer services leader for our team and has over a decade of ground penetrating radar, concrete imaging radar, and video pipe inspection experience.


Jami Roblejo

Director of Sales & Marketing

Jami Roblejo is the Director of Sales & Marketing. She has been in the utility locating industry for several years and holds an MBA in Marketing. She is currently working on her CPSM.

Who Is Trinity Subsurface Engineering?

Trinity Subsurface Engineering, LLC is a company that solves complex problems our clients encounter with underground utility systems. Much like the State Run Call 811 Programs, we locate underground utilities with a variety of surface geophysical equipment including electromagnetics, ground penetrating radar, and acoustics. Our clients rely on Trinity Subsurface Engineering to deliver accurate, timely, and quality utility data in the form of field markings, utility maps, and utility data collection.

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