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VIsualize Utility Infrastructure With precision

2013- Utility Plan

Are you unsure of what’s underneath your project site? Before you dig or drill, know the layout of your utility infrastructure. Poor knowledge of your civil site can cause unforeseen damage to:

  1. Electric lines
  2. Gas lines
  3. Telecommunication lines
  4. Water lines
  5. Sewer lines

Unidentified, unmarked or incorrectly located utilities lead to wasted excavation, time, and money or utility outages. Trinity provides CAD and utility mapping services to visualize existing utility infrastructure accurately and in accordance with Standard ASCE/CI 38-02.

Detailed utility data With autocad mapping

Leveraging electromagnetic and ground penetrating radar equipment, Trinity will conduct a complete scan of your project site. The horizontal locations of existing utilities are determined then aligned with GPS data to build a precise visual representation.

Trinity Subsurface, LLC provides the following deliverables:

  1. A generated CAD drawing as well as a technician-drawn field sketch, using satellite images.
  2. For even more comprehensive data, Trinity can conduct vacuum excavation to include the vertical measurement of the utility, as well as the size, condition, and material type. All this data will be illustrated in a test hole report.

Equipped with proper utility infrastructure documentation civil engineers, designers, utility and facility operators, and contractors can make more effective project management decisions. In addition, new projects conflicts can be unearthed and resolutions can be found before construction begins. CAD and utility mapping are critical tools for all construction sites. 

Vacuum Excavation
Detailed Test Hole Reports
Reliable CAD Mapping

CAD stands for computer aided design — Trinity compiles CAD data for geospatial management. These data sets will vary in size, scale, and detail depending on utility locating needs. Accurate and up-to-date mapping is crucial to nearly every element of a business, from network maintenance to emergency response and budget forecasting. Trinity CAD mapping ensures you have accurate records to keep your company on course and help take the guesswork out of your utility infrastructure layout.

Our technicians overlay critical utility lines on GPS images to provide an alternative visualization to a CAD map. This allows project site workers to better visualize and determine the subsurface infrastructure. At no additional cost, Trinity will provide field sketches with any utility mapping job. 

In addition to building CAD and utility maps from scratch, Trinity bring your existing blueprints, maps, and drawings up to date. Our technicians can digitize paper maps, blueprints, and drawings into an electronic CAD format that can easily be manipulated, edited and updated. In addition, Trinity can work with a site survey or field notes to create an accurate visual representation.

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With decades of experience the engineers and technicians at Trinity have the industry insight to provide quality utility locating services. We understand the needs of engineers, contractors, construction managers and owners.