Inflow & Infiltration Services

address leaks, generate savings.


Slow joint or manhole leaks cause high repair costs. Flow monitoring can detect thousands of gallons wasted annually if not fixed. Stop inflow and infiltration at the source.


Inflow and infiltration occurs anytime excess water enters into sewer pipes from stormwater or groundwater.

Addressing even the smallest leaks in your system can generate significant savings. Groundwater seeps into sewer pipes through:

  1. Cracks
  2. Leaky pipes joints
  3. Deteriorated manholes

Stormwater can reach levels that will place great strain on sewer pipes, manholes, and catch basins. Inflow enters the sewer system through illegal connections including:

  1. Basement sump pumps
  2. Foundation drains 

Infiltration reduction techniques include ways to repair the damaged sections of a pipe instead of replacing it entirely. Total replacement is very costly.

  1. Sewer rehab is a technique leveraging trenchless technologies.
  2. Sectional point line repair or CIPP repairs defects in the pipes.
  3. Spray-lining coats the walls of a cleaned pipe with an epoxy compound.
  4. Mechanical point repair utilizes a stainless steel sleeve to insert a rubber seal. A balloon packer expands the steel sleeve, covering all cracks
Sectional Point Repair
Mechanical Point Repair

Trinity subsurface, llc leverages conducts several inspection methods of unwanted infiltration and inflow.

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Flow Monitoring: Measures the system’s wastewater flow compared to the baseline flow estimate.

Video Pipe Inspection: Televise sewer line/laterals and mark defects including cracks, leaky pipe joints and deteriorated pipes in real-time.

Dye Testing: Determine the integrity of your sewer line connection.

Manhole Inspection: Capture a high resolution, 360 degree scan of the manhole wall. The camera observes any structural defects.

 Smoke Testing: Pinpoint sites that allow surface water inflow.

Inflow occurs when stormwater enters the sewer system through rain leaders, basement sump pumps or foundation drains illegally connected to the sewer.

Infiltration occurs when groundwater seeps into sewer pipes through cracks, leaky pipes joints and/or deteriorated manholes. It is most common after a storm due to rise in groundwater.

  • CIPP
  • Grout Joint
  • Dig & Replace
  • Isolate High I&I
  • Replace Covers
  • Manhole Sealing
  • Fix Cleanout Caps
  • Elimantion Cross Connections
  • Section Point Repair
  • Identify Problem Areas

35% of water entering a water treatment plant is I&I. The treatment of I&I can lead to significant savings on your property or construction site!

With decades of experience the engineers and technicians at Trinity have the industry insight to provide quality utility locating services. We understand the needs of engineers, contractors, construction managers and owners.