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When conduits or pipes break, Trinity Subsurface Engineering has the equipment and experience to pin-point defects in the line on the surface. This helps eliminate the guess work for our clients when deciding where to dig. 

We’re able to accomplish this task by using a combination of video and electromagnetic equipment. A camera is inserted into the pipe and a live video feed is monitored by our professional technician. Once a defect is identified, an electromagnetic transmitting device located in the camera head is triggered, allowing Trinity Subsurface Engineering to pin-point the camera location, as well as the location of the defect. 

Video pipe inspection services are an effective method for identifying the location of defects and lateral tie-ins within non-pressurized pipes and conduits. Our equipment has the capacity to inspect pipes ranging in diameter size from 4 inch through 72 inches. A robotic camera truck is inserted into the pipe from an available access point, such as a clean out or manhole. The robot will traverse through the pipe, allowing our professional technicians to document everything everything see along the way. 

Once a defect is observed, a transmitting device located in the camera head is activated, allowing our technicians to pin-point the location of the camera truck and thus, the location of the observed defect. This eliminates the need to excavate needlessly searching for the defect, which ultimately lowers the risk of damaging 3rd party utilities in the vicinity of the damaged pipe.

We’re all about providing the data you need to get the job done. When we perform video pipe inspection services, we’ll collect a standard set of data that includes information about the pipe, such as function, size, and material. We’ll document the heading of the pipe, as well as the entry / access point used. 

When a defect is discovered, we’ll document the lateral distance from the entry point to the defect in feet and inches. We’ll include notes regarding where the defect is located in the pipe (I.E. “Root Intrusion at 2 O’Clock”), as well as general notes regarding the extent of the damage. 

All of this information is presented in an easy to read report. The data that is reported from each pipe segment that is inspected will be contained on it’s own report. In addition to the pipe segment report, we’ll include a field map depicting all of the pipes that were inspected so it is easy for our clients to relate video footage and reports to locations in the field. 

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