Utility Designation For AirEko Energy Group
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Louis Mercado

Here in Orlando FL, Trinity was called to perform a full Utility Designation using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and a variety of Electromagnetic Locating Devices for Electrical Installation Service by AirEko Energy Group. The Electromagnetic Locating consisted of direct connection, clamping, and induction using both the Radio Detection Transmitter and the Receiver. Grid patterns were also performed in Passive Modes with the EM Receiver, specifically to detect subsurface metallic conduit, copper wiring, and live electrical lines (60 Hz). GPR Scans were performed in a similar grid pattern, purely detecting changes in density and discovering anomalies that are nonconductive to EML.

The purpose of this Utility Scan was to detect Electric lines, Communications lines Phone, Cable, FOC), Water lines, Gas lines, Sewer lines, and Force Mains here In Downtown Orlando Florida. A commercial property where a previous building had been demolitioned, new Electric Lines were proposed to be installed throughout the lot. Tie-ins, trenches and excavations also planned to be performed within the scope. All findings were marked with spray paint and flagged according to the UWPA. Uniform color code with periodic, approximate depths. Performed a walk through with Project Manager on site before location designation began as well as upon completion. Excavation crews on site were satisfied with the timing and communication displayed by Trinity. We thoroughly enjoyed providing our services here in downtown Orlando Florida today to ensure the safety and efficiency of all parties involved with this project, and we look forward to many more to come!

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